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To the Lavender Fields… or Not?

indexDecisions, decisions… to go or not to go? May this be my biggest conundrum in life, whether or not to visit the lavender fields.

In the middle of summer, from mid-June to mid-July, it’s lavender season. I wish we were talking about the south of France, une bonne idee, mais, c’est dommage, we’re referring to less than an hour outside of D.C. Word has it that there is a mini-farm, une petite ferme, where lavender fields thrive, rabbits hop, and you can sit and sip a cup of lavender tea.

Tres tranquille!

Opportunities abound for taking photos amongst the undulating green and purple stalks. I feel a family photo op coming thup…. Plus, the drive out to the country is said to be magnifique. I could use some “picturesque” about now.

Check back in the middle of summer when the humidity hovers around 150%….

The problem centers around the fact that one month remains a very brief window of opportunity to drive there and back. Given that it’s only an hour or so out of the city, despite our I sense my optimism surging.

Check back in the middle of summer when the humidity hovers around 150%….

thDo you see a theme developing here? My love for heat, particularly when we will need to be doing some archaeology this summer. That already should fulfill most my high temperature quota, I’m sure.

Then there’s the fact that some have revealed that said “lavender fields” appear more to be bushes in someone’s front yard with an old, picturesque farmhouse on the horizon. To this city girl, even that sounds interesting enough. Picturesque is good.

I don’t know if we should mention that there are reports of bees thbuzzing around one’s bonnet in the environs. That’s all my family would need—this Type A woman with a bee in her bonnet!

And naturally, the fact that there’s an admission fee. A hefty fee which is reduced if we obtain tickets now. Which is dicey because you wouldn’t want to end up paying an entrance fee to visit somebody’s front yard, now, would you? Might as well head to the south of France.

Decisions, decisions. Ce n’est pas facile, n’est-ce pas?


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