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To Vaccinate or Not?

vaccinationUsed to be, most every child in the U.S. was vaccinated. Families were acquainted with those of earlier generations who had suffered from various diseases and epidemics. To avoid or eradicate such health risks seemed like a dream come true.

Then allegations began that the vaccinations and immunizations caused problems all their own, a large majority of that based on very faulty assumptions and pseudo-research.

Now, as in the past, the diseases themselves are Vaccination1raising their ugly heads. Just wishing them away and failing to take action will result in fatalities as in days gone by. Not so surprisingly, America stands at the tip of the iceberg with major outbreaks poised for 2015. In January alone, over 100 cases of measles have been reported, unthinkable only a few decades ago.

This outbreak, spread over 14 states, is said to have originated in Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Most of those affected had no immunization, and a few had received only the first of a two-part vaccine.

The problem is, the measles virus is contagious prior to any symptoms appearing. You may have it and not h1n1Vaccinationknow it. The disease can live on surfaces and linger in the air for some time. An infected person can spread measles to 18 other people, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Is it fatal? Should vaccinations become mandatory for contagious diseases?

In my opinion, yes.

We’re now reaping the results of a lax immunization policy worldwide. Americans are shocked when those thwith the Ebola virus enter our seemingly-safe country… and yet, we don’t require vaccinations ourselves. Epidemics are not limited to Third World countries and fatalities will result.

Unless you want to stay home and never visit a public place of commerce, entertainment, school, sporting event, or house of worship, please take the health risks seriously and immunize yourself or your children.

Plagues are preventable for the most part in our day. Let’s all do our part.


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