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Today is the Day – Gulp

pWhat was I thinking? Why did I agree to bring a lecture before this august crowd? The preparation alone has been eating up my time over the last month. Papers are fine, but accompanying slides are something else….

According to my calculations, the talk might last ten hours. Had to whittle down the material. Had to make it less technical and scholarly in case the general public showed up and outweighed the professionals. No telling what kind of crowd might show, but according to all indications, it would be standing-room only.p

My lectures had a way of doing that. I would throw in a bit of humor, or public interest, or family stuff, just enough to keep the snoring in the audience to a minimum. And then it would turn into a wildfire success, which of course, true scholars frown upon.

pThe right balance would be a delicate dance….

Upon awaking very early this morning, I tried to assess myself. Not too nervous. Sort of sleepy, actually. Was I overthinking this? I seemed to be calm as a cucumber.

Don’t overthink. Don’t obsess. Get out there and do it.

Easy enough to say. Unfortunately, I was on the docket for an evening session tonight. Plenty of time for nerves to flare. No— turn that thought around!

Alright, time was on my side.

I can do this.

Now, what to wear as temperatures shoot up to near 80…?!


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