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Today is Your Life in a Snapshot

adayEvery day is a window into your life of what will most likely be your future. I could say each week is a microcosm of your future, a virtual snapshot and true, as well, because a week averages out any inconsistencies. Some days bring up emergencies, special appointments, issues and so on …. Therefore, spread over a day or a week, your activities give you an indication, showing you the true ups and downs and what actually has been accomplished.

The day shows you how well you ride that bucking bronco.  Tame your day and make the adayminutes work for you.  Does technology waste your time or buy you more time?

All of it is important. Bottom line. It’s all important. Every hour, every minute, but don’t make yourself crazy over it. Just keep it in mind. In order to gain greater productivity and effectiveness, examine “A Day in the Life of … You”.

adayDo you set aside forty-five minutes for the what-ifs of life? Then, if nothing disastrous happens (and praise the Lord for that!), you have more planning and strategizing time, or you can spend a few minutes on a power walk or out for a cup of green tea. Ahhh….

Never put off for tomorrow what can be accomplished today. Push yourself even when there’s no actual deadline and you will perform double the amount.

Today is an insight into the rest of your life. As the year draws to a close and you focus not only on goal-setting, but on goal-getting, go for the gold. You can do this.


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