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Today’s Big Announcement

bd13af55f4e01b8e4e6f175742c1ce81Today’s the day:  the Day of the Big Announcement.  Woo-hoo!  Naturally, it all depends on your point of view, but here, we think it’s pretty big.  Here’s hoping that it’s exciting for you, too!

We’ve talked in recent days about something that’s on all of our hearts and minds and we believe that our efforts will have a part to play:  somewhere to chat about adoption-related issues, particularly those happening (or not happening!) in Eastern Europe, along with any other countries and issues you may wish to explore.  Not just chatting with me, but also amongst yourselves, maybe while I step out for a macchiato.

Look up.  Not that far up, although looking up to the Lord is always a move in the right direction.  Take a peek at the upper right-hand corner of our home page, where it says:  Adoption Talk.  Click on it.  It’s that simple. http://www.destinationsdreamsanddogs.com/forums/forum/adoption-talk/.

That’s right, it’s all right here at 3-D.  We’ve added a chat function for whomever wants to stop by.  There are a few glitches article-new_ds-photo_80_16_fotolia_1775512_XSwe’re still working on, such as when you type your comment or question, you can barely read the print, but it seems to come out okay after that -?!   (You may wish to type it out elsewhere, then cut and paste for the time being.)  These are the great mysteries of life, but generally, it’s a fairly user-friendly forum, or chat board.

Currently, there are eight categories of chat that you can visit:

1.  Pre-Adoption Questions (countries, paperwork, requirements, agencies, dossiers, costs, etc.)

2.  Post-Adoption Questions (passports, Social Security, post-placements, lifebooks, etc.)

3.  Ethnic Issues & Holidays (language, food, customs, etc.)

4.  Schooling & Education (intervention, ESL/ELL, tutors, homeschooling, etc.)

5.  Behavioral Issues (anger, grief, hoarding, overly-friendly, bonding, etc.)

6.  Birthfamilies & Orphanages (contact, how?, searchers, etc.)

7.  Travel (hotels, apartments, airlines, trains, costs, best seasons, tips, etc.)

8.  Fun (vacations, milestones, brag, pets, miscellania, etc.)

enjoy-lifeWe hope to strike a proper balance of sorts between no moderation and moderation that takes a week or so to process, between speaking our minds and not minding how many others we hurt or alienate, as well as gathering a group of adoptive parents who may not be exactly like us… but have good ideas to share.  We might hail from different country programs, have adopted babies or children or teens, be fairly new to the process or old-timers who’ve seen and heard it all.

Diversity is good.

So invite your friends and family.  Share on other boards.  Use your real name or an alias.   You’re welcome at Destinations, Dreams and Dogs’ Adoption Talk to lift, and support, and get some helpful tips.  This is a user-friendly adoption forum minus the rants and attacks.

Give it some time to work out the kinks, gain a following, and get off the ground.  Things should become faster once we figure it all out. Just remember that there are loads of folks out there who want to help, who need help, or who simply love to talk.  Opinions expressed are those of the writers and not always of this web site.

The regular 3-D blog will continue in its usual format and comments are always welcome there,.  (You can’t get rid of me that easily….)

Hop in, and have fun, everybody!




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  1. avatar hoonew says:

    Ha! I thought the announcement was that you were adopting again!

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