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Top Ten Homeschooling Myths

dc1d1d825773023f77e18dc3eefbe428Everyone’s heading back to school and questions arise when people hear that we’re homeschoolers. The following are some misconceptions, as though learning and homelife simply don’t mix….

  1. Our children play all day and read dictionaries all night to study for spelling bees.
  1. We sleep in and let them stay in their jammies to study.pajamas
  1. The family lives on a farm, hoards canned foods, and owns rifles and shotguns.
  1. geekWe homeschool because the kids are all at the genius, or idiot savant, level.
  1. We’re reclusive, social misfits. The parents don’t work and the children don’t mix with others their age… or any age.
  1. Our students are in college by the time they’re ten.cooking-teens
  1. All of us go on field trips non-stop. Well, we do travel a lot….
  1. The kids study math simply by cooking and using fractions in recipes.
  1. We have no books, curriculum nor exams.

10.   Everyone in the family loves homeschooling. Just like other kids love regular schooling….

Hahahahaha—okay, I feel better now that we’ve clarified things. Back to school.



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