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Top Time Wasters

Email-in-the-inboxIt’s different for everyone, but the temptations are there. How to waste time in 101 ways….

What are your top time wasters? You know, those pesky tasks or even pleasures that fritter away your productivity? Here are a few of the most prevalent, and what to do about them….

1. Checking your e-mail inbox every 5 minutes. Maybe once an hour would suffice.

2. Checking your Facebook too much. How about thwhittling back to after breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Other distractions are just as bad if you’re not on FB—whether daydreaming of taking an exotic vacation, buying a castle in Europe, pricing sports cars when you can’t afford a bike right now, it’s the irresponsible flights of fancy that can make your time fly right out the window. Focus.

iphone-63. Checking your phone too often. This you might not be able to ignore as much, but you can always limit your responses to keep things brief and not get bogged down. Or, check it once an hour.

4. Interruptions—office mates stopping by to chat, answering every phone call, rather than returning calls in a solid block of time, the dogs needing a walk, the internet connection cutting off… you name it….

5. Domestic duties—whether cooking 3 meals a day, doing the laundry, or straightening up, again, grouping meal prep and then storing the food for later might be an idea. Same with the laundry or cleaning—either do a little each day, or whittle outLaundry a chunk of time to really make some headway—and then don’t do anything inbetween.

6. Putting things off, in other words, procrastination. Put off items tend to build up, so whenever possible, tackle the worst to-dos first thing in the day.

7. Clutter and misplaced necessities. As they say, everything in its place and a place for everything. Otherwise, you spend half your life searching for stuff. Been there.

Hope this helps you speed forward with a lot of extra time that would normally be down the tubes. Enjoy!


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  1. avatar Karen says:

    Love this kick in the pants! We seem so pressed for time and then realize that there are minutes and hours which slip through our fingers. Thanks I needed this!

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