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Transgender Issues to Cause Homeschool Boom?

homeschoolI received a text today from a friend concerned about local high schools going transgender in their restrooms and locker rooms. If this legislation is aimed at engendering greater understanding, it’s doing exactly the opposite, this mom reports.

Apparently, a huge number of parents are considering homeschooling. They’ve had enough. And they’re all starting to call me.

Their uppermost questions involve how they can be a two-income family home-school 2and still homeschool. It’s tricky, but it can be done. Some are checking into their state’s K-12 program, the homeschool program that students do from computers linked to their local school system.

Another question deals with academic achievement and if whatever program they choose will be rigorous enough to accomplish their educational goals. Choosing wisely is definitely another biggie.

Level2_Homeschooling_Parents_Helping_Kids_with_HomeworkThere’s a rumbling going on and it could quite possibly result in the biggest boom that homeschooling has seen in some time. While our family does not homeschool for any reason such as transgender issues, I can see how this might tip the balance for a number of students.

What do you think?


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