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Travel Changes Nothing… or Everything

Angry Wife to HusbandI am always amazed at the number of couples who get away to a fun destination vacation… and then come home and file for divorce.  Travel doesn’t fix it. If anything, it magnifies it.

The problems are still there.  The issues still loom.  The personalities still grate.

Only now, the vacation… and money… and life… has been wasted.  It’s all one big regret.  You detest this person for more reasons than one.

Snoop and eavesdropper that I am, I have heard couples arguing all tharound the world.  Dinner turns into disaster, while breakfast breeds silence and boredom.  It’s terrible.  I feel for them.

I want to shout:  “Once a loser, always a loser!”  but I keep my respectful distance for no good reason.  There is one silent one gulping down their food, taking responsibility for nothing, while the other tries to “talk it out”.  Neither gets very far.

Add kids to the mix and you ratchet up everything a notch.  Kids who are selfish, disobedient, and pains in the popa continue happily without a hiccup.  Geography matters nothing. 

angry-wifeThey are made to pain you, no matter how much time and attention you shower upon them and no matter how much money you spend upon them whether on an idyllic desert island, or at a posh Euro ski resort.  One parent will inevitably be pushed to the side, while the other parent clings to the children for dear life, because the adult has no life, and certainly no life with their partner.

Travel generally does not make anything better due to the fact that travel is stressful.  Some relate to challenges by making lists and planning well.  Others kick back and act stupid as if to show that “nothing bothers them”.

But idiocy is bothersome to most of us with brains.

All that to say:  travel is a magnifier, just like a lighted makeup mirror, which may be why so many foreign hotels and angrycouple2apartments do not provide them.

Hopefully, you have good things to magnify and your relationships will be just fine.

To all the others, stop trying so hard.  It’s not worth it because travel will change nothing in the final analysis.  Who you, your mate, or your children are at home is who you will all be abroad.  Don’t suffer on your dime and on your time.  Save your money and stay home if you can’t force yourself to go and be nice.

And that’s our happy thought for the day-!


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