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Travel Downsizing

P11321499I had to downsize from about a 24-inch carryon to a 21-inch.  Those 3 inches are similar to an extra 3 inches around the mid-section and makes all the difference one way or another.  The waistline you want to downsize.  The carryon, you don’t. 

Since my old bag was breaking, I never intended on downsizing, simply235225_AOS0N_1000_A-black-balenciaga-carry-on-luggage-1000x1000 replacng the old.  When we grabbed the first bag that Benedetto assumed was the same size… that was the big mistake.  It had to be his fault, right?

While the smaller size is more comfortable to lug around and throw into overhead bins, it’s really not practical.  Especially for someone like myself who needs to carry half of her belongings with her at any given time.  Having been stranded during times of war, uprisings, and messed-up airline tickets, my travel motto is:  more is more, more is better, more is heaven on earth.

packingJust to give you an idea of the magnitude of this packing obsession/ problem/ belief/ modus operandi, I will allow you a peek behind the privacy curtain of my wheelie.  After all of my regular stuff had been removed from the small suitcase, I found things I never knew were there, namely:

2 prs. pants

2 skirts, 1 dress

1 pr. jeans

3 blouses

3 longsleeved t-shirts

2 tunic topspacking light

3 scarves

2 bandannas

3 black turtlenecks

2 black fitted t-shirts

bag of undergarments


assorted notebooks, notecards, file folders and DVDs

hair accessories

277If you notice the conspicuous absence of makeup and shoes, don’t worry, they simply have already spilled over to another tote bag, further exascerbating the problem.  But please, don’t stop me now….

Packets of flower seeds, chicken salad and crackers from the Dollar store, a bar of Sicilian orange soap from December, 6 white and 3 green zip lingerie laundry bags.  NINE little laundry bags-!!!  No wonder I keep buying more, I had no idea they were HERE!

Is this the oddest assortment of lost and found luggage items, or what?  Flower seed packets?  I guess I’ll be planting my garden, while washing my lingerie and eating chicken salad from a tin, just in case famine and widespread devastation and dirt sweep over the land.

Tell me that you have a few “out there” items stashed away in your bag, too.  Please.

In the final analysis, the downsizing did not go well.  I moved over to the 21-inch, but still carried the extra tote bags, which defeated the whole exercise, underscoring the futility of it all.  Back out to buy a new 24-inch, which made me breathe easier, yet now I’ve become accustomed to the tote bags and unable to let them go, so I am carrying more stuff than ever-!

That’s how wishful downsizing can lead to actual supersizing.  Be careful, friends, of lurking flower seed packets and duplicate duds.  They have a way of multiplying….


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  1. avatar hoonew says:

    Now wait a minute, the traveling pros all traveled light, I thought! I am an amateur, and always overpack by 50%.

    • avatar admin says:

      I am from another century, hoonew. I travel a lot, but have always been able to depend on a few things: my own husband to shlep half of my things, my own plane to weigh down to my heart’s content, and now several children who can “help” with a corner of their suitcase devoted to… moi! I would still do best with steamer trunks of a bygone era, sigh. And it’s true, when traveling by myself, I go lightly in 100 shades of black with a colorful scarf or two thrown in. But sawed-off toothbrushes? Nah…

  2. avatar Leah says:

    If you are anything like me, hair and makeup supplies take up a large part of the suitcase! 🙂

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