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Treasure-Hunting Teens

The finders-keepers fever has hit our kids, bolstered by the treasure trove recently discovered under an Indian Hindu temple.  Gold and silver coins, gems and solid gold idols are adding up to an incredible cache that’s also firing the imagination of our teens.

“Twenty-two billion dollars,” I read to Petya who’s been mentally tracking pirate treasure since his earliest days with us.  “Billion, not million.  It’s in Trivandrum, Kerala—Mama and Papa have been there.”

“Did you see the treasure-!???” he asks breathlessly.

“No, the treasure’s just been discovered.  And it’s under a Hindu Temple.  We’re not Hindu.”

“How much is $22 billion?  That’s really a lot, isn’t it?” he wonders.

“Well, if you figure that Donald Trump is worth about $2.7 billion… it’s about ten times that.”  Not that he’s familiar with Donald Trump, and not that I’ve given him any sense at all of the vast riches recovered practically overnight.

“Maybe I should go and visit the area,” he suggests, eyes gleaming, as only a young man intent on treasure hunting can do.

“Hundreds of police are securing the area,” I smile and squeeze his arm.  “Metal detectors are being installed and cameras come next.”

It doesn’t help that his father was an archaeologist for years.  Add to that the fact that the kids just rented a feel-good treasure hunting movie ideal for young people facing family issues, “The Real Macaw”.  Plus, Petya’s been charting pirate wrecks and sunken Spanish galleons for quite some time.  And now this incredible find.

“Who gets to keep the treasure?” he asks.

“Not you,” I laugh.  “Usually, these finds belong to the government.  This one may belong to the Temple.  Or, they think that a royal family might have left it there before India became a country in 1947….”

“I wish I could find something like that.”

“Would you take care of your mother for life?” I tease.  “You know, this may become a problem with people trying to dig under other temples in India.  Hundreds of millions of people there live on less than $1 per day.  If someone used the funds wisely, it could make a real difference.”

And thus, mother and son segued into a discussion, not about finding treasure, but about creating wealth and using it to better the world around us.  I think we struck gold.


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  1. avatar Sybil says:

    Petya asked great questions regarding the treasure. He learned about where government comes into what he thought might be personal gain. You also gave him a broader look and more to think about if the people start digging under other temples. And of course as you said “about creating wealth and using it to better the world around us”. When my son was in about 3rd grade a questionnaire went home to the parents and one of the questions on it was, “what do you want your child to be when he grows up?” I thought what an odd question that was but quite quickly I knew my answer….a humanitarian. I think you are trying to show your children how this can be done in life too.

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