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Treasures at the Dump

dumpI have become an official dump diver. No, not a dumpster diver— a dump diver.

Mind you, it’s all online for now. But, I’m getting up my nerve.

This is how it went down: I had some large mattresses and box springs that we needed to replace. It led me to do some research and determine where we might dispose of such large items. Which pushed me in the direction of the local waste management authority.

Which wasn’t so local.

You know, these facilities are generally located in the middle of nowhere.glass

Anyhoo, as I learned how much they would charge us per two tons of waste (!), I spotted some items they had for sale. (Not others’ cast-off stuff, there was a store for that, lol.) Instead, they had mulch from recycled garden waste, as well as glass aggregate in tiny little pebbles, which was spectacular.

The cost? Two dollars per ton-! It could be used in gardens, in fish ponds and aquariums, in art projects. So easy to envision the sparkly aggregate spreading its dazzle here and there.

Did you know that the dump offered such beautiful byproducts?


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