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Tricky Tissues

Facial TissuesI learn something new every day.  This time, I discovered that I’ve been tricked, snookered, bamboozled, and had the wool pulled over my eyes.  The culprit?

Facial tissues.  Kleenex of the generic sort.  The little paper napkins used for blowing the nose.

Three out of four of my kids have colds.  Their eyes and noses are running.  I buy them pocket packets of tissues that they keep in the car in their seat-back pockets, or in their backpacks and purses.

Enroute to yet another destination, I stopped by a Dollar store.  There were packages of eight kleenex packets or six packets.  With four kids, I reached for the eight.

Then I wondered how many tissues were in each packet.2.0


So I could have purchased sixty or eighty for a buck.  I went with the eighty and the kids blew through them in no time.

5101020000Back to the Dollar store for other items, I decided to buy a box of tissues for the home.  My aim was to purchase a small, upright box that wouldn’t take up much room on the counter.  Instead, I saw the wide, rectangular boxes and grabbed one of those.

After picking up a few other items, my eyes lighted upon the stand-up boxes of tissues.  Cuter colors and designs, more compact, I took one and was about to toss it in the cart.

Wait a minute, I thought, remembering the smaller packets.  It was my general understanding that a tall and regular-facial-tissues-2plynarrow box of tissue would hold the same number of tissues as the long and flat box.


The tall boxes held about 65 to 80 tissues, the long and flat boxes held 175 tissues.  More than double.  And here I had always bought the tall boxes for my bathroom.  How crazy was that-?!

May name is Alexandra and I had been tricked by… a pack of tissues. 

Thought you’d want to know.  Be careful, friends, you can be hoodwinked out there.


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