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Tunnels Connect the U.S. to Israel

mexico-border-tunnel_chunYou’ve heard of the 51-mile-long Channel Tunnel, connecting Britain and France by an underwater rail line. Completed in 1994, the “Chunnel” is an amazing innovation, linking the two countries and easing travel between them.

Today, Israel and the U.S. are also linked by tunnels, not physically, but metaphorically. Unwanted illegal visitors slip across their borders, intent on harming their citizens.

For years, this Middle Eastern democracy has been fighting terrorists tunneling from mexicantunnelGaza to the south of Israel, transporting people and arms. Arabs have reported kidnappings by Palestinian terrorist organizations and enslavement as forced labor on the tunnels… along with the very rare, subsequent escape.

Now, reports surface that U.S. security continues to be threatened with drug tunnels from Tijuana, Mexico, heading into San Diego, California. In this instance, there is no fording of rivers, no hiking across the desert, no wall-to-be with which to contend. Just dig on in and walk on through. And dump your poison in our country.

tunnelAs in Israel, the tunnels will have to go— be dismantled or blown up. And a border wall or fence may need to be erected.

Because borders that aren’t protected, and citizens who are not safe, and the passing of drugs that are lethal, just doesn’t make sense when prevention is possible.


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