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Turning Around Constant Negativity

how-to-handle-your-negative-complaining-child-or-teen_ArticleStress, toxic people, poor self-esteem. There’s a whole lot of negativity and depression just waiting to take nest in your head, if you let it.

Don’t let it.

When automatic negative thoughts pop up, you must stop them in their tracks and replace them. Think of positive replacement thoughts. Say them out loud. Refuse the negative spiral. When you repeat the negativity, it becomes your default switch. This thcontinues the pattern: why you can’t, why you won’t, why it can’t, why it won’t, why they can’t, why they won’t.

Yet, thinking good thoughts is not enough. To improve your own self-image, studies of children have demonstrated that cheerleading doesn’t do it. It’s great for parents to tell their kids how amazing they are. But to grow self-esteem, you need some solid accomplishments, to take on things that make you stretch to get out of that black hole.

Chrysalis Emerging 5Think of it as a butterfly who may be assisted in emerging from its cocoon and therefore, will lack the wing strength to fly. Or more appropriate to this time of year, imagine digging out your car or sidewalk from piles of snow yourself, or paying someone else to hack away at the pile only to damage your car or mailbox in the process.

Some things are best done for yourself.

Start to dig yourself out. Think about positive steps you can take to accomplish what you want. Reverse the negative, think-positivedepressing direction. The sooner you begin the turnaround, the sooner you’ll feel better about yourself. Decide how your life will change and move toward that, rather than focusing on the negatives.

What can you do today? What is your action plan? Give yourself some mini-goals as you move toward bigger overall targets. Doing nothing digs you deeper. Doing something starts the relief right away. It will change how you feel about your situation and how you feel about yourself.


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