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Turning Around Your Mood

mood_compressedIt might be your kids, your coworker, your mate or your mother-in-law. Some folks are always out-of-control, flying off the handle, becoming angry or staying depressed. They never seem to be in charge of their emotions. They act or react without even thinking that the same patterns may be stopped.

Immediately. Without a whole lot of effort on their part. Without years of therapy.

It takes a simple shift, a subtle change, a mental trick that will mean so much.

Some, in the heat of an argument, disagreement or struggle with a significant other, have tried to tell themselves: destress1“Life is too short”, yet, often your rational powers are limited at a time like that. I would suggest this, instead:

Imagine someone you really respect walking into the room (this could be a big part of the problem if you’re prone to being out-of-control— find someone to respect, yourself included!). That’s it. You’re in the middle of super-ugly drama and this person arrives.

“Oh, hello, so-and-so,” your attitude immediately changes to super-sweet.

You changed. In the course of a second, you’ve shifted gears and snapped out of it, interrupting a negative state with a positive state.

827281-happy-mood-wallpaperNow do this without the person present. Imagine them there. (If it’s the Lord, He’s always there!) The situation is heating up and you need to be alert enough to be able to picture the respected person walking in the room.

Bam! The shift happens.

Then think of a stock answer you might say, not to escalate the situation further, but to settle it down: “I will need to get back to you,” or “I cannot argue about this,” “I will put together a plan today,” or something of the sort to acknowledge and not ignore the other’s concerns and reassure that you will be doing your part.

Because people generally shout when they feel they are not being heard.th

Then walk away.

Disaster averted and mood immediately changed.


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