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Ukraine to the Highest Bidder

Flag_of_UkraineFollowing 20 years of independence, and increasing financial woes, Ukraine has to make some decisions.  Unfortunately, the leadership seems to be moving in one direction, while the people press for the other option.  With widespread rioting in the streets, something’s got to give.

Will Kyiv align itself with the European Union, not as a full member, but receiving trade benefits, or will it go in the direction of Russia, who has been less than a faithful and reliable partner in the past?

Hard to say.

The average Ukrainian is tired of Moscow. They desire to be independent, yet will they get what they’re searching for in a337519_Ukraine-Demonstration pro-Brussels alignment? 

Look what happened to Greece’s and Ireland’s economies.  Close ties to the EU is not the answer to a country’s financial troubles. Then maybe close ties to Russia is not the answer, either.

Stay tuned as this story plays out.


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