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Unique Flu Tip

crAs we’re hearing in the news, having the flu can be deadly and not just for babies and elderly. More than 200,000 Americans are hospitalized each year because of the flu, leading to some 36,000 deaths. Stats are not easy to come by, but it’s estimated that between 5 and 20% of Americans contract influenza each year.

As your mother instructed, don’t touch your face with your hands! The viruses travel through the air and enter your body through your nose or mouth. The viruses cause a respiratory infection, leading to fever, chills, aches and pains, sore throat, congestion, mucus, you name it.

Not fun.

So by now, you’ve probably heard about the main ways to fight back: hot, steamy showers, crtenting your head over a steamy sink and breathing deeply, drinking lots of liquids from water to hot lemon tea, chicken soup (oh yes!), a neti pot for nasal probs, lozenges for persistent coughs, gargling with warm salt water to soothe the threat and kill the germs. And don’t forget that when you blow your nose, wash your hands afterwards!

crBut today, I bring you a new idea for flu sufferers. Here it is: brace yourself: go for a long ride in the car with your seat warmer turned on. It will send soothing warmth throughout your aching body. I’m telling you.

If you don’t have a seat warmer, maybe get some heating pads or hot water bottles and put them near your aching joints. Ahhh….

Chicken soup, plenty of fluids, prayer, a hot shower, a long nap. Stir, repeat.

Hope you’re feeling better soon!


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