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Unusual Jobs My Kids Could Do

Ice-cream-taste-testerIt’s true, many of my waking hours are spent combing the internet for careers my kids might enter, given their unique skills and abilities.  (And please, don’t ask me to list these… for my sake and for theirs.) 

I have come to the surprising-for-me conclusion that college may be overrated, if not certainly overpriced, what with valet parking, and sushi bars, and state-of-art gyms these days.  My kids could bomb out, and utterly fail quite nicely on their own, thank you.  Why pay $50,000 per year for that lifelong learning experience?

This is why I was delighted to happen upon Forbe’s “10 Brick-PodiatristUnusual Jobs That Pay Surprisingly Well”, an online article from late May of this year.  Very encouraging, because the gist of it is:  there’s something for anybody willing to get creative.  After reading the piece, Benedetto and I had a talk, because I had just broken my promise to not speak to my teens about potential careers at least for the next 20 years or so, since their lack of enthusiasm for gainful employment was so palpable.

“High school is a good time to think of where you may be headed,” I waded into the dangerous waters yet again.  “Guidance counselors often chat with students about their goals in life.  How about we all come up with three potential careers that might be of interest to you?”

coffee-flavorsMost of their lists were beyond ridiculous, but my intention was to start a non-threatening dialog.  After seeing their lists, I felt ready to start threatening.  Without giving away their gems, let me simply say that they would be analagous to saying that “My feet stink and therefore, I should become a podiatrist”.  But their top three were much, much lower on the career chain, and not even as well thought-out as stinky feet….

So back to the fab Forbes’ piece on 10 Unusual Jobs, because I had just told our children that, while I may wish to become a Professional Ice Cream Taster, there was probably nobody in their right mind who would pay me for such a privilege.  Whereupon, Benedetto felt it necessary to instruct the children that their mother had just lost her mind, because there were many roaming around the world today who were indeed Ice Cream Tasters and Testers, because, after all, somebody had to test the product and conclude whether it was economically and tastefully thmarketable, whereupon I cast Snake Eyes in the direction of my philosopher-husband, and said, “Fine, then let’s all sign-up for the job.”

And there. it. was. on. the. list:  “Ice Cream Taster” (Food Scientist):  $56,000 a year-!  Whereupon, we both burst out laughing.

It was right up there with Embalmer (sorry, no can do), Human Statue (BTDT, don’t ask), and Hot Dog Vendor ($30,000 – $100,000 a year, depending on locale).

“We need to set them up in hot dog stands and be done with it,” I suggested.

PooperScooper Service2“Is that a job they could be proud of?” he pondered, also wondering how much one had to pay to secure a prime location in a city where hot dog stands’ parking places were subject to a lottery system.

“What’s not to love?  It’s an honest living,” I shrugged, wondering how gourmet one could get.  “You take every weekend off, and if you play it right, you work from 10 – 2.”

“Have you ever seen a hot dog stand worker?  Mostly immigrants who have no idea about health laws or condiments,” he shook his head.

“Bingo.  They’d fit right in,” I replied.

Finally, I can sleep well tonight, knowing that my kids’ future is secure.  Am I the only one having these conversations?


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