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Vacay Storm Central

stormcloudsgatheringThe dark clouds rumbled in on our few-day getaway. Don’t you love it when you only have a limited amount of time… and part of it is going to be rough weather?

Well, this turned out to be rougher than rough.

I watched the weather on the phone, on the computer, in the sky— whenever and wherever I could. All reported that a squall was headed our way for about a 24-hour period— one afternoon till the next morning. Miraculously, we didn’t need to rearrange too many activities to accommodate it.

As the torrential rains and high winds descended upon us, the kids were allowed out to thexplore at low tide just before the brunt of it hit, wearing their Wellington rubber boots, hats and raincoats that didn’t seem to repel one drop of water. They returned back to the cottage soaked, freezing, and happy, gladly jumping into hot showers before changing into pajamas and playing chess.

Benedetto, our bold adventurer, headed out to grab some Chinese food for a dinner-at-home. That’s after he brought in several outdoor flowerpots, furniture and umbrellas, to protect all from the storm. It’s then that I started to feel the house vibrate and shudder in the wind. Particularly the master bedroom, with balcony and hot tub on the upper level facing the sea, the house seemed to shimmy and shake all night long. It was cause for concern in the darkness.

A dark, stormy scene at Newport beach.  It was taken at sunset, creating dark blue clouds and shadows, and has a silhouette of a man at the end of the rocks.

Nothing could be seen— not the nearby seawall, not whatever might be flying through the air with the greatest of ease. I tried to sleep. Having ridden out hurricanes in the past, this storm did not approximate such intensity except during wind gusts.

The next morning, the monsoon rains let up. The dogs agreed to go outside for a quick lift of the leg, sidestepping huge puddles which might have stopped horses and not only Scotties. We chatted with a neighbor walking her dogs down the damp lane of deserted beach houses and she pointed out the rooftop skylight two doors down that had blown out in the storm. Resourceful woman that she was, the nice neighbor had contacted the nearby city to afterstormfind the owners.

All in all, we weathered it fine. There’s something about a wild storm and being confined to quarters that makes the breaking of a new dawn all that much more meaningful.


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