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Valentine’s Day — Sweet or Sour?

valentines dayI wish I were referring to going out for Chinese. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Although Chinese food on any day is not such a bad idea.

Personally, Valentine’s Day might not be ideal for a night out— restaurants are packed and couples are trying so hard. Exhausting.

Yet, I remember one Valentine’s dinner distinctly at a special, tucked-away place and it was delightful. Surprisingly, it’s not open for dinner on a regular basis, so the experience can’t be duplicated.

Anyway, on to the sweet or sour.

Valentine’s Day is known for flowers, chocolates, dinners out, jewelry, romantic getaways. And often, the hopes and dreams don’t valentines-day-flowerslive up to the reality. Believe it or not, filings for divorce spike on the day after Valentine’s.

That is not a coincidence. Many couples are opting out of even trying. They have no expectations any longer. They have given up on their mate coming up with any kind of nice gesture. They mistakenly believe that every other couple experiences love and kisses and rainbows, and they are on the outside, looking in.

Time to turn that around. Don’t give up, even if your mate has thrown in the towel. Hold your head high and treat yourself well.

Valentine's day conceptIf you’re single, put the candles on the table, get some Chinese takeout, love yourself and keep in mind that many couples are considering divorce. Thousands will file papers tomorrow. In America, that’s about one every 36 seconds, 2,400 divorces per day, 16,800 per week and 876,000 per year according to stats a couple of years ago from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control). So divorce must be a disease-!

Innoculate yourself. Do something outstanding for your significant other. Make time for them, refuse to ignore or neglect them. That person will blossom and flourish… if you tend to them and nourish.

Make it a great day, make it a special day, don’t become a statistic. Valentine’s Day can be sweet or sour… totally up to you.


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