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I am a vegetarian.  For a few days, at least.  But only under duress.  And only with the occasional chicken, beef, or turkey thrown in for good measure.  Preferably on a daily basis.

I think it’s probably best for me to go the veg and fruit route.  For general health, for the occasional creeping pounds.  At least Dr. Oz seems to think so.  With a few healthy grains on the side.

First of all, the downside is that I need to prepare a lot of this stuff, so unless it’s premade hummus, or anything raw, I’m really up the creek.  It calls for a lot of slicing, dicing, and cooking which I can do, but that’s after I cook for the family, and feed the dogs.  I feel hungry a lot.  I would imagine in my condition (amiably ample) that’s a good thing.

You see, I’m a very caring person:  see a need, meet the need.  Feel the hunger, feed the stomach.  I cater to my tummy’s tantrums.  But I have to tell him to grow up and get lean.

I tell myself it’s Biblical.  Daniel ate veggies when taken into Babylonian captivity.  He and his friends ended up healthier than those who ate the king’s delicacies.

But I still like chicken.  A lot.  I could easily have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Dr. Atkins would approve.

However, I find it difficult to stay faithful to one plan or another.  The veggie plan makes it easy.  Starve.  Be healthy.


Vegetables, fruits, beans, grains.  In that order of priority.  I like veggies.  Just not all the time.  All of this fiber is really making me run to the bathroom.

Sorry if that’s TMI.  I guess I’m getting cleaned out one way or another.  I’m hoping that’s a good thing.  Have colon, will cleanse.

But I miss my comfort food.

This veggie thing may be shortlived.  After a few days, I have gained four pounds.  How is this possible?  Water weight?  Back to the bathroom.

Well, at least it’s been a moving experience.  Today, I am down three, which is still up one.  Hopefully, I’m healthier on the inside.



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  1. avatar Shelley says:

    You’re funny. I give you about a week on this kick.

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