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Victory in Spite of Incredible Obstacles

woman-missed-deadlineSo, the big deadline was looming. Working semi-around-the-clock (that means an hour or two of sleep each night), I made it. Thank you, Lord.

The target date had been pushed up by six weeks. That’s not negligible. The published cut-off was November 11… which somehow later equalled out to September 21 for approval purposes… which then meant September 20th since it was on the other side of the world. The pressure was on.

Generally, I’m not the kind of person who needs extreme impetus in order to get anything done. In this case, the requirements and regulations seemed almost super-human. Those who had been through a similar scenario before told me the best advice: just jump in.

That’s exactly what I did, cranking out prolific proposals and reams of research. The guidelines including extremely businessman-por-dan-erikssonspecific instructions, in a foreign sort of way. In other words, whatever we would imagine to be normal formats and procedures in our part of the world… were exactly the opposite there. I adapted and adjusted until we were down to the final 72 hours and everything broke loose, naturally after I had insisted that myself, along with the family would not be available to take on anything extra for the next two or three days.  Distraction after distraction.

-Out-of-town guests arrived and we took them out to dinner, resulting in a late night after a long day. The kids were able to entertain them the next afternoon as I bowed out. Down to 48 hours.
-I had a long-standing doctor’s appointment from before the deadline was moved-up, and there went a couple of hours.
article-2144708-1314b17a000005dc-820_634x713-Workmen showed up to locate an internal leak resulting in a ceiling on the verge of collapse. They had to come… and go… and discuss the work, as well as schedule when they could return to complete another item. Down to 24 hours.
-Someone requested our girls to act as photographic models for a jewelry and accessory line benefitting poor women in another part of the globe… but it had to be done NOW. That was after I made it clear that I was not free to run them here and there. No.
-A team of roofers arrived at a neighbor’s house with non-stop banging and shouting outside. Thump. Thump. Thump. Crash. Thump. Thump. Thump.
-The doctor asked me to return the next day for a brief follow-up. Down to 12 hours.
-I was invited to be part of the photo shoot that I had declined on behalf of our daughters. Maybe next week, but they would have to work around our schedule.
-The marching band at the school up the street began drum practice. Outside. This is the beginning of the school dom_3652year and these kids are not at the top of their game, shall we say. Bang. Bang. Bang.
-Some of the guidelines for my project change midstream, necessitating tons of additional research, checking and rechecking for compliance.
-I developed a severe headache and could barely stay awake.
-Our oldest’s son’s birthday was approaching, with cake, presents and outings to think about.

Those were just a few of the challenges. But by the time I arose just before 4:00 am this morning, my foreign contacts had acknowledged receipt of the project and I felt the weight of the world lift.

Hoping to take a few hours off today, if possible….


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