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Viewers are Ditching the NFL

footballerWe have lots of friends who enjoy fall football. Benedetto allies himself with college ball, having once played. But many of his pals who once preferred pro ball are dropping it like a hot potato. Going cold turkey. Saying “Adios” and not looking back.

They’ve had enough of the multi-millionaire players using professional ball to grind away with their own gripes against America. So fans are pulling the plug and tuning-out prime-time football.

Rather than rightly attribute the dramatic drop in viewership to colin-kaepernicknational anthem protests, the National Football League claims that “the perception of the NFL and its players is actually up in 2016”. Instead, primetime NFL ratings have dropped by double-digit percentage points, yet their executives refuse to reign-in their run-amuck stars.

Oh well.

It’s an election year and we’ve all had enough of Donald and Hillary’s nonsense. Now we need to be subjected to more politics during supposed sports entertainment?

Just say no. We’re tuning you out, NFL.


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