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Viewing Reality Undercover-Style

UndercoverBossOur kids have a new favorite past-time that teaches lessons to last a lifetime. I’m a firm believer in reality therapy, that the facts can speak for themselves, for those with ears to hear.

So here we are, watching several episodes of Undercover Boss, where CEOs wear disguises and don’t tell their employees that it’s them. They train in their stores or their territories and learn how well operations are running.

It’s eye-opening.  It’s like having hidden cameras, only better.

Occasionally, workers are goofing off, being a little too free with supplies, or are angry taskmasters, refusing to train the “new Undercover.Boss2worker” who actually heads the company. It can be hilarious in a strange, perverted way, because judgement day is coming….

Then there are the deserving, tremendously-in-need employees who have lost home or health and the president of the company takes note. Later, he or she pays off their mortgage, or medical bills, or buys them reliable transportation. They burst into tears.

It’s moving. It tells me that God is watching.

Or, if you’re more of the cynical type, Big Brother is watching.

CinnabonWatch the president of the company try to hold it together when workers tell of where to buy drugs, or how they can skimp on customer service or the right ingredients in signature food items. Employees curse like sailors and managers make their staff do degrading and demeaning things. See the power trip come to a screeching halt when the boss is revealed-!

Undercover Boss shows CEOs and employees alike who have overcome incredible odds. Perhaps when growing up, they had to drop out of school to support their family. They grew up with a struggling single mom, or parents fighting a debilitating illness. Maybe they took a left turn and ended up with an addiction problem they had to overcome. Maybe they were an immigrant with only a few dollars to their name.

And they built. They did what it took to become successful. While others rested, they created. While others played, they worked. UNDERCOVER BOSSWhile others spent money on frivolous purchases, they saved. I see our Russian kids taking it all in.

Our family loves the program, available on Netflix. Have you ever seen it?


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