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Waiting Up at Night

Young girl with clockIt’s something that most every parent goes through at some point in their life. The fact that I should have probably been a grandmother by now does not help. It only means that I’m more tired than most what with rising early in the a.m. and going to bed late in the p.m.

And now I wait up for my son to come home. It’s still before midnight which is not such a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

He’s 18 years old for goodness sakes.

He doesn’t date.

He’s at the gym.

For some reason, I’m too tired to go tonight. Yet I still don’t get any sleep because I’m waiting up for him.

He texts.waiting-for-someone

He’s coming home.

I look at the clock. It’s reasonable.

Fifteen minutes later, he’s home to shower and head to bed. He comes to me first to check in, my weight-lifting young man. I love him.

But this waiting up stuff stinks.

I’m such a wimp.


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