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War-Time Correspondence

 One of my non-profit managers from Israel sent me an e-mail on Sunday.  He had a list of “To-Do Items” from me, things he needed to do and people he needed to hire before my arrival.  In over 20 years of working together, the two of us had never discussed war or missile attacks, although attacks were frequent in this southern Israeli city.  We simply carried on.

“The situation is very serious,” he wrote, “and we don’t know when or what will be the end of it.  Everyone here is staying at home, offices are closed, and it’s impossible to find more workers at this time….”

I knew, as one of my employees and a very laid-back individual, he would never “tell” me not to come.  However, he was like a brother, and he wanted to make things clear.  In the middle of the handwritten e-mail in Hebrew (you write a note, take a photo with your phone and send it… easier than trying to type out a big letter in text form on a small keyboard), I noticed that his handwriting became slightly scribbled and shaky.

“A Grad just fell, 13:15, as I am in the midst of writing.  Actually there are three incoming, the azaka (siren) has sounded.  If, despite all this, you want to come, we can still get together, I’m just not sure how much work we could accomplish….”

On it went.  These were the real-life glimpses behind the scenes that most news sources were not reporting.  They did not stress how Hamas aimed at civilian targets over and over, while Israel dropped leaflets in Arabic to Gazans, instructing civilians to evacuate from missile launching or storage sites, when Hamas used everyday people as their human shields, and then cried foul when women and children were hit.

I wrote back late on Sunday, telling him we understood, we had postponed the trip, be safe, we’re praying here, etc.  It seemed like a confirmation of sorts that we had done the right thing for now.  That was late last night.

Then early today, I read a tweet from the BBC that the Israel Defense Forces were “standing down” from their state of readiness at the Gaza Border.  Flip-flop for me.  Not sure if that meant no imminent ground invasion, or that 95% of Gaza’s arsenal was already destroyed.  Most Israelis were in favor of missiles launched back in retaliation toward Gaza, but not many wanted an actual war and ground invasion.

I had to stop with the back-and-forth in my mind.  We may never know if we made the right move.  For now, with the facts that we had, we felt confident.

I guess.  Somewhat.

It might be a war-like scenario, it might be a confirmation in terms of your parenting style, or a business decision, but occasionally, we need to feel that we did the right thing when we’re unsure.  I hope you get that confirmation for whatever you may be facing today.



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