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Warm Thoughts and Happy Travels

ski-hatThe freezing chill descended as we waited for the vaporetto to arrive.  Pulling out hats, gloves, and umbrellas, my son and I warmed ourselves on the outskirts of Venice.

It was amazing how much it helped to cover our extremities.  I had read that over half of heat loss occurred through the head.  A simple stretch cap and gloves had saved the day.

As winter is upon us, I remind myself and my children that it’s time to carry hat, gloves, and scarf on a daily basis, whether in  backpack, briefcase, carry-on, or coat pocket, just to have it available.  Few of our kids ever come down with the colds and flu that seem to plague others on a regular basis.  And medical researchers now tell us that not properly clothing the trunk of the body can result in temporarily constricted arteries and possible heart attacks in adults due to the cold.

When traveling, it’s the small things that can drag down a trip.  Try finding reading 6a00d8341c6d1d53ef0120a5a87398970c-300wiglasses, warm boots, or some chapstick on a weekend in a foreign country.  It might be an aspirin, a bottle of water, or a latte in a late-night, shut-down, airport concession.  And probably worst of all is being cold.

Think of a lightweight pashmina—it’s a scarf, it’s a shawl, it’s a lap-blanket, it’s a babysling for all I care-!  Never underestimate the power of an extra elegant-pashmina1layer, nor of the bodyheat coming from a baby, a puppy, or a hamster.  Warmth is everything, whether you’re in a chilly hotel suite, or a drafty yurt with fleas fighting you to get near to the fire.

Grab an extra pair of socks, a ski headband, or a thin layer of silk long underwear when heading out on your travels.  You’ll be toasty warm and well-traveled!



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