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Warm-Yet-Ugly Sweaters

hand-knitturtleneckAlright, so shoot me: I like warm and beautiful sweaters. They may be flowing tunics, or sweater-coats, or more apres-ski looks, but the point is, they’re warm-and-cute. In other words, they’re the direct-opposite of warm-yet-ugly.

Maybe it’s an age-related thing, but lately, the number of warm-yet-ugly sweaters in my closet is multiplying. A girlfriend actually gave me one a couple of months ago. It could be my body shape, but the bulky, blah-colored thing makes me look like a mack truck. I should probably lose a massive amount of weight before I even consider wearing it, not that I’m huge, but I don’t need any more layers….hand-knit-mohair

Then, here’s an interesting one that my husband found in the back of the closet. After all, it’s a snowy, chilly day and he thinks I need to bundle up.

Bought on vacation maybe a dozen years ago, it’s a classic style hailing from somewhere in South America. Semi-interesting patterns. Hand-knit in Ecuador, I believe. In theory, I like it. In hand-knitnordic-actuality, I’ve never worn it.

Today could be the day.

Or not.

Benedetto thinks it’s fine. He doesn’t think about me much—beyond being wildly in love with me, he’s never voiced any real feeling one way or another about what I wear. Unless truly pressed by moi. I believe he likes the sweater in question… because it’s similar to something he would want for himself, haha. So here we go again: big and bulky, when I need 017sleek and stylish-!

Thankfully, no appointments today. I still haven’t put it on other than to try it on and shake my head no. If something major comes up, I will dress accordingly.

In something warm-and-cute.  Maybe this is why we can start the car remotely and use seat warmers….

What are you wearing to stay warm?


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