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Washed-Out, Washed-Up Pope at The White House

The-PopeOne of the top religious leaders in the world visits one of the top political leaders in the world in “The Pope Comes to Washington”. Where was the moral courage and spiritual strength in either of them?

The pope spoke of hailing from an immigrant family, of the importance of families that are tolerant and inclusive, and the need to curb air pollution. Over and out. This was his White House fifteen minutes of fame.

He could have mentioned Christians beaten, tortured and killed by ISIS for refusing to convert to pope2Islam. He might have spoken of the murder of other Muslims. He should have raised the issue of the slaughter of innocents with the beheading of children, mass rapes of women, girls and boys, along with their enslavement. And what of those Christians crucified by ISIS and Muslims playing soccer with victims’ rolling heads?

Modern-day genocide.

obama-popeAnd the pope speaks of air pollution.

I’m not Catholic, so maybe I should not say anything. But the days of puzzled populaces holding their peace has passed. It’s time to raise our voices.

If the pope has no moral backbone, then maybe the rest Melissa-Ohdenof us should get one. The American Congress just voted on late-term abortions. Strong women of conscience and courage such as Gianna Jessen and Melissa Ohden testified of surviving late-term saline abortions where they were burned alive in the womb… yet survived. They spoke of human rights and aborted baby parts being sold for Lamborghinis.

gianna-jessenTheir moral compass pointed them with the powerful gravitational pull of gravitas. Oh, that more leaders, whether political or spiritual, would seize the day and speak up for what is right and stem the tide of evil.

Instead, we get sad. bland. and morally impoverished.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.”   ~Edmund Burke


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