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Ways to Sleep in Your Coat

For those anticipating any type of late winter/ early spring travel to cold weather climes (no, we’re not talking warm beaches…), you will need some lessons in sleeping in your coat.  Maybe you miss a plane, or your Russian apartment (make that Ukrainian apartment-!) has no heat, your car is stranded in a snowstorm on the side of the road….

Such lovely thoughts.

Keep in mind that your coat is your friend.  If you plan it right, it is your teddy bear, blankie, and down comforter all in one.  Be it wool, fiberfill nylon, leather, fur, or fake fur, the squishier it is, the better.

You see, squish equals warmth and pleasant dreams.

Ball it up, and it’s your pillow.  Drape it over the top of you, and it’s your blanket.  Cuddle around it, and it’s a great stuffed animal wannabe.

If it has a hood and you need to sleep in a chilly or drafty place, there’s ten extra points.

I recall a taxi service arguing that they had two prices to a certain remote Russian destination:  one in a Russki-mobile, and one in a Western-mobile.

“Of course, you want the Western car,” the operator assured me.

“Pochemoo?  Why?  What’s the difference?” I posed.

“The Russian car will be hard, uncomfortable, and cold for a long drive….”

“Fine, I’ll take the Russian one.”

Turns out that only the Western car was available that day, but since I didn’t request it, I didn’t have to pay the extra tariff.  However, I was prepared.  My coat and I took up most of the back seat, a pouf of protection, a cloud of comfort.  We traveled through army checkpoints, and restricted zones, and monastic enclaves, no one even bothering to check my papers probably because they could not see me in my sea of billowing coat.

The countryside scenery was stunning, yet after several forests of birch trees, what’s left to see?  Perfect time for a little snooze… in my comfy coat….

Did your coat travel well?



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  1. Ah…long cold rides betweek Ekat and Serov in November. My coat was my friend for sure. Unfortunatly didn’t pack that coat for the long cold airplane ride between Moscow and Sverdlovskaya Olblast on trip 2 in May….

    • avatar admin says:

      It’s okay, Wendy, if you packed the coat, you couldn’t sit in the plane seat, lol. I once made the mistake of taking off my coat on one of their lime green planes and folding it on my lap. I could NOT get the tray table down for the snack! I had to wad up the coat and stick it under my feet, then my knees had to be turned sideways so they weren’t sticking up, since my feet were on top of the coat. If it’s not one thing….

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