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We Are Now Legal Homeschoolers

homeschoolIllegal immigrants, illegal workers, illegal earnings… illegal homeschoolers. Every year we try to comply with the rules and regulations given for homeschooling families in our area, knowing that only about 10% of those who educate their children at home ever register with the government. In a city with a whole lot of government going on, it’s hard to imagine. How do those families fly underneath the radar?

So we go online and fill out the forms each year. Never mind that they’re the same children we had last year, at the end of each summer, we must register. So register we do.

Yet, our Department of Education rarely acknowledges us. So I e-mail, phone andhomeschool send smoke signals. Anything to get a response. For some activities and for some purchases, we need to prove that we are home educators.

No can do. Other states have cards they give to homeschoolers. We generally receive a letter. But it’s always like pulling teeth, like we’re second-class citizens, like they wish they could ignore us and we’ll go away.

These are the professionals in charge of education.

home-school-2So I e-mail. They apologize and say they’ll get on it. Weeks pass, a month passes, I get busy with other things.

Hey! Wait a minute… where is that letter?

I e-mail again. They apologize for the delay. It never comes.

I write again. Benedetto calls. Begrudgingly, the terse registration letter arrives, reminding us that:

Parent/legal guardian must maintain a portfolio of their children’s materials for at least one year after the end of an instructional year occurs;

The home instruction program must include, but need not be limited to language homeschool_2arts, mathematics, science, social studies, art, music, health and physical education.

The Department of Education may, at its discretion, request to review the portfolio of homeschooling materials.

The portfolio review will be on: no review at this time.

Nice. We avoided the bullet for another year. And we are legal.


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