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Wedding Renewal?

Renewal-9Later this year, Benedetto and I will celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary.  I know, hard to believe, but understanding that I was married at the age of 10 helps to explain it somewhat.  Which brings us to the inevitable:  how to celebrate?

The thought of a wedding vow renewal crossed our minds.  But why?  It almost makes it seem as though we didn’t mean it the first time around.

Maybe a celebration of sorts—a party, or a getaway, or dressing like a bride and groom 35 years later.

Our family tends to enjoy photos.  Wherever we are, whatever holiday or event, renewalwe take pictures.  Our life could be seen as one, big fashion shoot.  That’s an idea:  take photos of a semi-bridal situation.

That seems to suit 35 years:  something glossy and glamorous.  Naturally, we’ll have to include the children, and make it fun ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????for all.  That adds to the logistics, but also to the love.

Maybe a miniature wedding cake?  (Why do my thoughts turn toward chocolate at a time such as this?)

Or, holding hands under a huppah on a wind-swept santorini_wedding_01mountaintop?

Riding horses on the beach, going off into the sunset?  Or, into a sunrise… only it’s difficult to do hair and makeup too early in the a.m….

A family meal?  No, that’s an everyday event around here….

A bicycle-built-for-two riding down a country lane in our finery, dropping rose petals along the path?

Me in pearls-and-satin, hugging two black Scottish terriers, held on my hip, or up close for a kiss on the cheek?

What would you suggest for a fancy wedding anniversary photo op?  Or, should we do something else entirely?


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  1. avatar Karen says:

    You deserve all of the above by making it to 35 years! Pull out all the stops and celebrate!!! Tell us when and where! 🙂

  2. avatar Winnie says:

    I kinda agree on the vow renewal thing. Seems to me just a way to have another big wedding that maybe you missed out on the first time.
    Have a nice party though, catered, heck black tie even. Hire a band / DJ and have a fancy cake made like the ones on the TV shows. Hire a photographer. Dress the kids up to the nines and have fun. 35 years is an accomplishment, Congratulations.
    Or you can just blow off the whole thing, find somebody to keep the kids corralled for a few days and sneak off for second honeymoon!

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