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Weird Webinars & Crazy Customer Service

callcenterI’m involved in a number of high-tech endeavors these days and basically, as a borderline techno-phobe, this is not easy. It’s not that I have any fear, exactly, it’s just that I’m nervous that I’ll push the wrong button and delete all of the work previously accomplished. So I call customer service that’s associated with the project.

That’s a trip.

Nowadays, with many customer service call centers located in the Philippines or India, I should just be thankful that this one is in the US. I think it is. A number of heavy Hispanic accents, but still. Whether Anglo or otherwise, everyone proves to be very helpful, which in itself is a breath of fresh air.

A help line that’s helpful-!

But here’s the beef: I get the occasional person who eats, yawns, is a heavy breather with a headset, or puts me call centeron speakerphone and I hear the whole boiler room in the background. It’s aggravating.

The same with informational webinars. I mean, if the rep or presenter needs to eat, and I certainly understand the importance of being nourished on a busy schedule, they should take a quick bite of something just before starting, but really, there’s no reason for me to need to hear them slurping, chomping and breathing ad nauseum….

People, I know you’re either at home in a closet, or the occasional webinar appears to be emanating from the poorest-lit room in a supposed mansion’s living room, while seeming closer to somebody’s two-day vacation rental or your own basement/closet office. However, a little professionalism goes a long way. When you’re online, or on the phone, Skyping, Face Timing or hosting a webinar, let’s upgrade the game and treat it seriously.

OK? Then go grab a bite to eat.



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