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Welcome Home, Ivanka!

Good news:  We are pleased to announce that one of our own faithful readers, Ivanka, has arrived home from Ukraine with her newly-adopted 15-year-old daughter-!  The two of them were very happy to join Dad and the three bio kids, two boys and one girl:  14, 12, and 12.

I got to meet them in person over the weekend and the two new sisters were chattering away, we know not in what language.  The resemblance between the bio daughter and adopted daughter was uncanny:  they could easily be twins, but there were already twins in the family.  Maybe triplets?  Their appearance was so similar that apparently one of the Ukrainian facilitators once started speaking to the bio daughter in Russian.  Both are petite, pretty, long brown hair, freckles, lip gloss, ballet flats.  It looks like fun times are in store for the family….

Our kids had made a few welcome home signs in Russian and brought some balloons.  They greeted her in Russian, and she giggled nervously.  How well I remember those first few days and weeks home….

Pray for the family as they settle in and become blended day by day.  Stirred, not shaken.  And Ivanka reports that there may be more on the way… stay tuned!




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  1. avatar Sybil says:

    Congratulations to the whole family. May the new older sister be an inspiration and beloved by her siblings and lead the happiest life ever imagined.

  2. avatar meant2be says:

    I still can’t believe the resemblance between you and your daughters. Unreal!!
    Our two youngest do not look alike but when I line up the family they are like book ends! :O)

    • avatar admin says:

      For those who are wondering, I met Ms. Meant2be and her 2 daughters in Moscow when I was bringing our 2 daughters home the same week. The girls do tend to look like me, but I’m sure they’ll survive and live a long and happy life anyway, lol.

  3. avatar meant2be says:

    You are TOOOOO funny!!

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