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Welcome to My Beautiful Garden

IMG_2194Some days, you simply need to take a break.  Stop and smell the roses.  We happened upon a beautiful Colonial garden while working in an archaeology lab recently.  This is where we wandered on our lunch break.  It’s really not “my” garden at all… but I’d like to think of it that way.IMG_2206

There are lovely flowers with bees and ladybugs buzzing by. 

Some are medicinal plants such as Valerian, which calmed anxieties in households of long ago.

Colonial fences keep out critters intent on gobbling cabbages or rhubarb.IMG_2203

And should you need to sit and rest a spell, lichen-covered garden benches await.IMG_2222

Nestled in the Colonial seaport of IMG_2227Londontown, Maryland, the county-owned park is located near Annapolis, Maryland, right on the South River.  Once a ferry stop with a tavern and village, the park has several reconstructed buildings, an expansive education program for schoolchildren, and a new museum and archaeology lab.  The gardens surrounding the park are both Colonial, along with lush lawns and more modern gardens, a gazebo looking like the perfect location for a special wedding.

It’s all part of the Lost Towns Project (http://www.losttownsproject.org/learnmore.htm), a very nice getaway if youIMG_2223 happen to be in the area.  I haven’t been in the mansion, nor visited the several archaeological sites they’re currently excavating, but should you have an hour or two and be tired of overcrowded sites, take a peek at this place, tucked away on a dead-end road where time stands still.


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