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What a Difference a ‘Do Makes

thSashenka, age 13, wanted a new hairstyle.  Her long blond hair wasn’t doing it for her anymore, layers or no layers.  It was long, straight, and attractive, yet she wanted short and shaggy.

So be it.  As long as it didn’t involve her obsession with bangs, which would simply deposit more oil onto her forehead, I was fine with it.

We took a photo to the salon.  She hoped for it to be about the same length as when she came home from Russia, between ear and collar-bone length.  The stylist couldn’t bring herself to do anything so drastic, and left some length on the underside.  Sashenka was pleased and enthused about the stylist and her own new ‘do all the way home.

“She’s a very nice lady, dah, Mama?  I think she really understood what I was saying.”salon-hair-cut

My daughter was so proud of the fact that she had made her wishes known herself, usually it was me explaining to the stylist what she did, and did not, want.  Naturally, I was there, calling out directives across the salon as I got my own hair trimmed.  Yet it was true, the normally-silent-in-strange-situations-Sashenka actually let her own requests be made known.

She had become empowered and happy… by her hairdo.

Stranger things have been known to happen….

On the way home, we stopped to buy some naughty bakery goods for the rest of the family.  The guy at the counter’s name was Valentin and I told Sashenka to speak with him in Russian.  Sure enough, he was from Ukraine, and got the biggest smile when the young girl engaged him and the three of us chatted.

barbersideBack in the car, she chattered away, feeling fab and sophisticated.

“Mama, what does it mean to ‘live the American dream’?  People have said that to me, and I don’t understand,” she confided, now able to discuss such weighty matters with a lighter head.

“Well, the phrase speaks of possibilities that are here in our country–.”

And then she cut me off to chatter some more and talk about how wonderful her life is, and what was for lunch, and did I think that Papa would like her new ‘do?


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