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What Colors Say About You

fall-fashion-color-wheel1-e1345481047605Are there certain colors that you simply don’t wear? Or, are you willing to try any shade as long as you feel in the mood for it?

I may be coloristically (is that a word?) schizo: black… COLOR-!… black… COLOR-! Much of it depends on my outlook for the day, not that bright means I’m happy, or dark means I’m sad. No, no, no—much too pedestrian of an approach.

I’ve considered this a bunch, can you tell? Maybe black suggests that I’m focused on a project, and color means it’s time for fun. Or 775467ea08bfe9b94947c677a162fc0bblack is upscale and urban, while bright bursts indicate resort-like reveries and relaxation.

I don’t know. Color can be powerful, just as powerful as dark and somber. Both tend to be cyclical in my life, and I’m not sure why.

My mother raised me with rusts and oranges and golds. Nowadays, I don’t care for these so much.

leaf-2-1024x640I do, in theory, at least. It’s fall and nature abounds with these hues. What’s not to love?

Well, probably how they look on me. Still, I try the colors occasionally, just to prove that I’m an open-minded individual. And then I revert to the tried-and-true palette that makes me feel like me.

Now that it’s autumn, I’m ready to change from my fuchsia 56432906bab30180aa15fb96205a3344summertime nail polish and move over to the dark side. It’s inevitable in some ways—whether hair, clothing, makeup, shoes, or nails—all begin to wane from bright to muted with the shortening of daylight.

Or does it?

How do you choose your colors? Are they based on weather and season, mood and mindset, or full-out fashion fun?

No wonder I bought those compromise plaid tights today….


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