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What Creature is in the Attic?

raccoonIt’s that time of year when temps at the dacha fall below 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the attic and wild life comes to nest there. It’s a modern home, but for some reason, raccoons, opossums, and some squirrels feel that they run the roost, the raccoons leading the way and prying off soffits with abandon as though they were demolition experts. Late at night, I hear the home invaders coming and going on their nocturnal adventures. It’s exhausting.

For me, not them. I’d like to sleep.

We’ve tried nailing and gluing the soffits, but it’s nothing to Rocky the Raccoon whose other name must be The Hulk. We’ve blocked holes with chicken wire and steel wool on the inside. We’ve sprayed coyote urine, peppermint, and shaved liberal amounts of Irish Spring soap.

Nothing deters the nocturnal nuisances who skip, slide, scamper and play above my head. Banging with a broom handle on the ceiling helps somewhat, but wakes everyone else.

Which brought me to the pest control department at the local hardware store. Didn’t find much to deter our motley crew, however, I took a possumminute to look at some other repellents. The things I learned!

The active ingredients in snake repellent were cinnamon, cedar and clove oil. No wonder snakes become inactive in North America when the autumn and winter spice cakes come out-! They apparently don’t like the spices. Kind of like an aversion to fruitcake, lol. And here I thought you were supposed to throw moth balls wherever they were used to hiding, which I still think might be the way to go….

Then my eyes fell upon deer and rabbit repellent. We have enough of these aggressive creatures at our other home in DC to make you think that we’re living in the middle of nowhere as they gobble up every flower or veggie on the face of the earth… or the corner of the yard. The active ingredients? Putrescent whole egg solids, which is basically a solution containing rotten eggs. Oh, and garlic. In that case, you might not have any more deer, rabbits… or neighbors!

IMG_4634Probably the old-fashioned way of placing bars of soap around the yard’s perimeter would work just as well. I’ve never tried hair clippings in a pantyhose bag, but I’ve heard that’s a good idea, too.

None of that helps me with my house guests in the attic. Maybe I should just sign up with Air BnB, make it official, put out a welcome fruit basket and call it a day.

It’s the only thing we haven’t tried so far.


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