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What Did You Receive for the Holidays?

wreathFirst off, I hope you got some family time, or alone time, or whatever it was that you needed! Huge deadlines of my own loom for mid-January, making Hanukkah and Christmas problematic in terms of celebrations. So I delegated, lol.wrapped-gifts

Boys: you will be wrapping the girls’ gifts. Girls: can you help me with the boys’ gifts? Everyone: you’re enlisted to wrap Papa’s stuff because Mama is a workaholic and I would rather spend a few minutes baking, or painting your fingernails, or looking at your lovely art, or reading over your term paper than wrapping gifts.

They happily all complied.

So what did I get for Christmas?IMG_2556

It was a very eclectic mix: a wool Scottie needlepoint pillow; Tsardust Memories – Russian-Style seasoning; jewels, jewels, and more jewels, many in chunky, Venetian bead-and-artglass or bedouin styles, one of which ended up on Grisha the Scottie(!); anything matryoshka (nesting doll) in style; an archaeological field vest (think photojournalist’s vest) for excavating in the wilds of wherever with pockets and snaps and zips galore; a blank notebook entitled, “Plans for World Domination”; and assorted chocolates to join my cache from the last couple of years since I definitely don’t need any chocolate but I certainly like the thought of it-!th

IMG_2555A sister-in-law knitted all six of us winter caps of various colors and shapes, sewing them into tree-shaped or stocking-shaped brown-paper packages. The edges were cut out with pinking sheers, then she used a zigzag stitch to seal them. On each, she wrote only “boy gift” or “girl gift”. Surprisingly, we all ended up with the color we liked, lol.IMG_2553

I admire crafty people…. I used to do semi-crafty things long ago when I was a young wife. Actually, I made some rather impressive things… but nothing on this hand-knitted scale. This was Benedetto’s older sister— where did she get the time?

Then we remembered. She and her husband, both semi-retired, lived in a lighthouse last summer, sort of babysitting the still-working facility. There wasn’t much else to do. But still. The fact that she did this for us was very touching.

vestAnd thus it was, everyone putting thought into gifts, and ingenuity, and trying to please one another. Gifts are generally low on my radar screen, an added touch, but not the real meaning of Hanukkah or Christmas. And yet, this year, there seemed to be more meaning to each one, a spiritual aspect if you will.

I was touched, even by the gifts. I hope yours were wonderful, too!


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