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What I Did on My Summer Vacation

summervacation-495x329I need a vacation.  While my kids were at camp last week, we were too busy accomplishing things to really relax.  No fair.  No fun. 

I guess I figured that if they were not around to torture us, we’d have to torture ourselves. The old misery loves company thing.

So here’s what we did during our five free days.  Yep, life in the fast lane….

1.  Visited my mother-in-law.  A big trek on the heels of a couple of days of travel.

2.  Caught up on work.  Husband caught up on even more work.th

3.  Picked up the old high school diploma.

4.  Went out to lunch.  Ate more than my one carrot allotment.

5.  Invited to do research for a museum.  No time.

6.  Scheduled the next six months of our lives.

7.  Organized school books, DVD lectures, and supplies for this coming year.

8.  Cleaned a couple of shelves in the refrigerator.  (This was a low point.)  Weeded out piles of paperwork in another room.  (Another low point, yet it yielded a distinct sense of accomplishment.)

Woman Pushing Shopping Cart9.  Made only a few meals.

10.  Went to the doctor with a friend who was considering youthful, lifting injections.  Ow!  I’ll follow-up on this, if I can get some of the images out of my mind.

11.  Caught up with friends.

12.  Found an apartment abroad to rent.  Then discovered a number of restrictions and requirements involved.  More on this later.

13.  Watched a funny movie together.

14.  Did some outlet shopping and got several great deals for the kids’ fall clothing.Concorde

15.  Husband washed the dogs; I dried and brushed.

Are you getting the level of excitement here?  It’s almost like watching paint dry.  Altogether, not the worst week.  With all of the driving back and forth, dropping off the kids, picking them up, keeping up our own responsibilities, it was a whirlwind.  But we all made it through.

To think that in times past, we might have flown the Concorde for a quick trip to Europe of 2 or 3 days….  Things have changed, yet life is still good.  Everyone’s healthy, and we’re working on the wealthy and wise.  Can’t complain.

Now I need a break.



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  1. avatar Shelley says:

    This should cheer you up: your boring days are way more exciting than my exciting days! lololol

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