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What is Hope?

Hope02Hope has gotten a bad rap over the years. When there’s really very little optimism at all, we end up saying, halfheartedly, “Well, I hope so,” concerning the probability of anything turning around for the better.

It’s sad. Hope used to be “the anchor of the soul”, the glue that preserved the flow of faith to our mind, our will, our emotions. Presently, any mention of hope is more of a swan-song sigh of resignation just before we throw in the towel for good.

The word “hope” obviously means different things to different people. When reduced to the lowest levels of life, we hang on by the merest thread or shred of hope. Therefore, the concept has been essentially relegated to the role of bail bondsman of the emotions.

Hope bails us out, but doesn’t do much more. It can’t get us off the hook.hope3

What kind of hope is that? It’s almost tantamount to unwishful thinking!

The resurrection of Jesus the Messiah carries the power of hope, true, turnaround, life-changing hope. Instead of despair and death, joy and positivity result. The reality that He arose releases hope into every area of life— whether health, relationships, finances, education, career, spirituality.

Because He lives, we also live. That’s hope that’s firm and sure. Happy Easter, everyone!


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