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What is Your Mailbox Saying?

Well, in cities, we don’t really have mailboxes per se, but I’ve glimpsed a number of countryside mailboxes recently that have a whole lot to say.  It’s a mystery to me.

The traditional wooden, metal, and plastic boxes on a pole are still out there.  Yet, more and more, they’re giving way to mini-replicas of one’s home, simple polka dots and stripes, monogrammed looks, or carved shapes.  With the holidays headed our way, there are big bows and wrapping paper looks, all the better for letters winging their way to the North Pole.

If you did any of that in the city, your mailbox would be gone for sure, in essence, calling out, “Come and get me!”

Financial consultants such as Clark Howard tell us about securing locking mailboxes whereby delivered mail will not disappear before you ever see it.  Credit card statements, banking information, any number of bills could reveal sensitive data that might be stolen.  He never mentions how to decorate the box, though.

At the beach, I’ve spotted shark renditions, jaws agape with long teeth ready to chomp letters.  Maybe a box that looked like a security camera, or a beefy police officer, would do the trick in an urban setting.  I don’t think cute calico would work.

But I like the sentiment.  The city can be boring with its unobtrusive slots in the door, or side wall next to the front door.  Then there are always the banks of mailboxes in planned communities, also utilitarian and plain, same as condos with their steel boxes situated off the main lobby.

One would never come across a cow, or barn, or giftwrapped urban mailbox.  No snowmen, snowflakes, ornaments, or tinsel anywhere in sight this time of year hanging from this receptacle or that.  Just straightforward US Post Office regular, old, regulation mailslots or boxes.

Booor-ing.  On the other hand, not gauuu-dy.

If I had a freestanding one, maybe I’d attach a sprig of holly just to live dangerously and see what might happen-!  Sort of like the SUVs or Mercedes that have a wreath glued to their grille….

What’s your mailbox saying?  Mine’s not talking.



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  1. Ha…Mine says Hello Kitty!! Guess who decorated it with stickers one day while I was working in the garden. About 10 or 11 years ago I came home from work one day to find a flattened mailbox out in the middle of the street. Snowplow kill. So I got a new shiny generic black mailbox. Now adorned with stickers.

  2. avatar plantingoaks says:

    our mailbox is saying ‘the neighbors need to straighten the shared pole’ (it’s on their side of the street, so I think it’s their jurisdiction, right? I’m new to this rural thing)

    However, I do have a theory. House numbers can be hard to read on a 55mph country road, but ‘the mailbox that looks like a big yellow tractor’ is easier to spot. Well, and people in the country tend to like kitschy things outside the norms. But there is some practical side.

    • avatar admin says:

      Oooh, that would make a good TV series: “Mailbox Wars”, plantingoaks! Probably you could take care of something like that in the middle of the night, tee hee, or a friendly neighbor-to-neighbor chat. I do like the big yellow tractor landmark theory, makes a lot of sense.

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