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What the NSA Knows About Me

spyingWe have Edward Snowden living in Sheremetyevo’s international transit lounge since June 23, a stateless whistle-blower, who let us know that the National Security Agency of the U.S. is engaged in spying on its own citizens.  Since the NSA is in charge of foreign intelligence gathering, and the FBI should be the ones spying on people worthy of surveillance, what exactly does this tell us, beyond the fact that Mr. Snowden wants to duplicate Tom Hanks’ role of Viktor Navorski, fictional character from the 2004 movie, “The Terminal”?

Navorski arrives at New York’s JFK Airport and learns warrantless-wiretapping-225that his passport is no longer valid since civil war broke out in his homeland.  He cannot enter America; he cannot return to his country.  So he lives in the airport terminal.

(Strangely enough, there are numerous cases in various international airports where people have lived for years on end.  One of the most famous was an Iranian man who resided for 17 years in France’s Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris.  Having glimpsed more than a few interesting characters in dark corners of the world’s airports, while transferring to other flights myself, it will give me pause for thought in the future.)

Anyway, back to the NSA.  For one, I would like to say, “Shame on you!”  This is a phrase I never use with my children, though I’m getting to like the sound of it.  “Shame on you” has a ring to it.  I used it recently when discussing the Russian officials coming to Washington to “discuss” Russian-American adoption, which did not, in my opinion, resemble a discussion at all.  Shame on them.

wiretapping-400x400The fact that the United States is spying on conservative citizens, pro-Israel citizens, religious citizens, and anti-Obama citizens could make me whip out the phrase. 

Spy on suspected terrorists, sure, why not?  Keep us all safe.

But spy on moi? How would I garner such interest that some low-ranking, okay, make it a  high-ranking lackey, would spend his or her working hours listening in on me?  What would they find out?  What would they hear?


Conversation #1wiretapping

Benedetto:  Ciao.

Moi: Hi, we need some milk.

Benedetto:   I bought milk.  Look in the other refrigerator.

Moi:   Oh, okay.  Thanks.


98714615-fbi-nsa-spyingConversation #2

Benedetto:  Ciao.

Moi:  Hi, I had an idea.

Benedetto:  Why am I nervous?

Moi:  Listen, I’m concerned about the kids.

Benedetto:  Now what?

Moi:  Their falafel-eating abilities when we take them to Israel.

Benedetto: You buy ’em, they eat ’em.  What’s the problem?

Moi: The condiments.  They won’t know what to order.verizon-nsa-meme

Benedetto:  Okaaay.

Moi:  How about we take them out to a falafel place?

Benedetto:  Sounds good. Set a date.


Conversation #3

Benedetto:  Ciao.

Moi:  The dog is sick.

hr658_skynet_surveillance_dronesBenedetto:  Which one?

Moi:  Misha, it’s always Misha.  You know he has a delicate stomach.

Benedetto:  Which end are we talking about?

Moi:  He threw up.

Benedetto:  Did you give him something from our plates?

Moi:  A piece of a baked potato, one bite, how could that hurt him?

Benedetto:  I think we have our evidence.  Kiss him for me.  I’ll be home soon.


These are the sterling conversations that our NSA agent is hearing.  Other than giving him indigestion, I don’t get_smart_shoe_phoneknow what our government could possibly benefit from this drivel.  Does our government truly have the money to monitor our citizens like this?

With the president taking a $100 million dollar+ vacation trip to Africa, I guess the U.S. can spring for it.  Eavesdropping on my conversations and e-mails may actually be a fresh breath of reality inside the Beltway.


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  1. avatar Shelley says:

    Alexandra if I reply to this post, will they be listening in on me? All I can say is you’re too much! 🙂

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