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What to Do Without College

college_classI often consider our second son, Pasha. As an older adoptee with definite signs of Fetal Affects Syndrome, I wonder if college is in the cards for him. So far, high school has proven hard enough, so that would look like a no.

What can he do with his life, then? I’m not the kind who believes postal-servicethat college is the be-all and end-all of life, however, I doubt that he could get out of bed to show up on time even to the hot dog stand….

That’s when my eyes lighted upon the US Postal Service. That might be a possibility. Is your local post office anything like ours? In our urban setting, the workers seem extremely undereducated and slower than molasses.

postal-worker-saves-residents-fireThis might be a tailor-made job for him.  And if trigger-happy psychopaths can work there….  I read up on what the USPS has to offer in terms of careers:

Starting pay is $21 per hour, with benefits, on avg.

No experience is necessary

High school diploma/GED is NOT required if you are 18 or older

Federal benefits for career employeesth

Average postal worker makes $72,000 a year

Paid “on the job” training, and paid vacation

Retirement plan

Be still, my soul. It sounds perfect.

If they can keep him from helping himself to any interesting stamps that pass through his hands….


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  1. avatar rusmom says:

    Funny, funny, funny! Plus all too true! At the cost of college these days it could be a real option for many of our chidlren!

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