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What We Did for Summer Vacation

HawaiiI just might need to vacay, after all. Instead, I’m forging ahead, accomplishing a bunch, and managing the troops.

My family, on the other hand, thinks that it’s summer and we should be having FUN. How to do that in near-100-degree heat, with responsibilities up the wazoo, is not my forte. Personally, other than my almost-daily powerwalk at the crack of dawn, I prefer to stay inside and sip iced lattes or seltzer water.

Here’s what the rest of them are doing to amuse themselves.

  1. Petya, almost 19 – working part-time, studying at universitysummer part-time, flying to NYC for two weeks of a Jewish-Christian cultural, ethnic, spiritual adventure with his mother holding onto his leg and not letting go even if she has to stow-away on the plane….
  1. Pasha, 18 – sketching scenes of Tuscany and Jerusalem, playing with some nascent watercolors, making me wish I could step Mary Poppins-style into the pictures and end up there….
  1. icecreamMashenka, 17 – still searching for a summer job after starting a little late, a few good nibbles, she’s hopeful. While she doesn’t have the vision of coordinating a paid or volunteer position to any future aspirations, anything that will take her mind off herself, as well as be productive, cannot help but be a good idea about now….
  1. Sashenka, 14 – too young to even volunteer without one of us parents right by her side and we already have too much going on. So she’s been reading books, researching her future, climbing trees, and driving us up the wall, lol. Sashenka washes the dogs and chops pickles for me, not to be underestimated.

Benedetto works and occasionally takes them all to the beach or out for ice cream, while I continue to

Schwabachers Landing Sixteen

work, and do school, and comfort the dogs during summertime lightning-and-thunder storms.

I am now coaching Mashenka about her job search and how neon lipgloss and jeans may not take her where she wants to go. I touch base with Pasha each day, suggesting new landscapes and artistic approaches, since he may be the only artist on the face of the earth with no creativity whatsoever, thyet possessing decent raw talent that simply needs to be developed. I spend time trying new hairdos on Sashenka and involving her in cooking just for fun, while pointing her to the right websites to research her future.

I review boarding passes and flight schedules with Petya, upgrading him to a regular-sized suitcase, rather than a small duffel bag or tiny backpack for two weeks. Guys, lol. –Sigh.-

I worry about how he and I are balancing several educational challenges at once, but I put the thoughts thout of my mind in order to enthuse with him about the Big Apple. Instead, I ask my husband to brainstorm with him about an upcoming research paper that needs to be moved to the front burner, pronto. If Petya and I can push through all of our deadlines by the end of August, at least the two of us will be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

So far, there’s been no real kicking-back this summer. But we still have a couple months to turn that around. Any ideas?


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  1. avatar Jeremy says:

    Sounds like you have your hands full! My suggestion would be to get through your pressing obligations and then in September when the weather starts to turn more pleasant, plan a getaway or some down-time.

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