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What’s Normal Family Life?

thProbably the only normal is that there is no normal.

Or is there?

Take a look at any of the “reality” families on American television, from the Duggars to the Kardashians, you know, the ones where the kids have grown to the point of establishing families of their own, and it makes one wonder. “Whatever works for you” is one way to approach family life, along with any attendant psychological fallout.

Recently, we had a bunch of house guests one after another in different homes. Some flew in, drove in, came with us or met us. It was revealing: they were exhausted, lol. Keeping up with us is not easy.

We drop one son’s girlfriend at the airport, pick up a daughter’s friend and drive seven hours, arriving past 1:00 am. Our girls are fast family_2asleep, so I walk their friend to their bedroom, point out her bed and the bathroom as the older rises to groggily greet her. All of us get up again at the crack of dawn so that the girls may explore the city. They return with blisters on their feet from inappropriate young-lady footwear.

Which is somehow appropriate because they’ve informed me that, if they’re in a little pain, then they know they’re having fun.

The different guests express shock that our family tends to eat meals together, at least breakfast and dinner. If the young adult kids eat lunch at work or out and about, they still make it home in time for supper. Who does that anymore?

They hear the most diverse of topics being discussed around the table. They see that we eat veggies, along with the usual offerings. They hear parents step in if the attitudes migrate from teasing… to put-downs. They join us for starting the day with the Bible and prayer.

thThey are flabbergasted and thank me for welcoming them into our fold. All of them have great parents who have done a stellar job raising thoughtful and kind young people stepping into adulthood. Their families are different enough to allow for comparison and contrast, while being similar enough to share many of the same values.

Everyone survived the house guests (and vice-versa!), in the end being proud to declare: This is our family and how we roll. We work hard, play hard, travel hard, take a nap (lol), rinse and repeat.

Do you have a unique family culture?


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