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When Adults Act Like Children

choices1There is a crisis among us today, and that is the matter of missing maturity among adults at large. With most of us who are at ripe old ages acting like absolute adolescents, is it any wonder that young people themselves possess very few role models for mature behavior?

While I’m all for preserving one’s sanity as much as the next person, when it comes at the expense of one’s character, I draw the line. What ever happened to doing the right thing, doing the difficult deed, even when mistreated, exhausted, spent, and downtrodden?

We’re not talking about suffering in silence for the rest of our days, but rising to the occasion, putting our best foot forward, 1.1252233361.we-took-the-path-of-lifeand overcoming against all odds. When we choose to be the bigger person, shall we say, we rise above pettiness and problem people. When we take the high road, we will continue to end up on top, come what may.

It could take a while, nevertheless, aborting, bailing, and shortcircuiting the inevitable rarely leads to an ideal outcome. Let things run their course, while you run your own race. Hold your head up high and refuse to allow circumstances and situations to define you.

Maturity matters.

Today a plethora of young adults suffer with debt, divorce, and disease, much of it linked to poor choices that they made. The despair and disillusionment follows them for life, leading to even more confusion and chaos. What they need is a role model, a person of character, to whom they may point or simply observe from afar when they have lost their way.

You are that person, a mentor of maturity, pointing out the path for yourself first, and then to those around you. Believe me, you’re not just doing this for others, it will be a gift to yourself to grow and be in the big leagues, the hall of fame of life.


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  1. avatar Jeremy says:

    From a guy’s point of view we know how men are often demonized in popular media: deadbeat dads, unfaithful husbands, wimps with no backbone. But for some, that’s real life. I wish we could make movies about the rest of us doing the right thing day after day, week after week. Since when did acting like an adult become such a big deal and why is it portrayed as so difficult?

    • avatar admin says:

      I hear you, Jeremy. As I tell my own kids, when young people don’t strive for maturity at least some of the time, they never become mature adults, able to handle the stresses and successes of life. Parents and other adults don’t always take/make the time to teach things that really matter, such as character and responsibility. It’s all about fun these days… not bad in small doses, lol….

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