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When Evil Visits

SadParentsSandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, Connecticut:  1 mother shot at home + 20 massacred students + 6 teachers and administrators + 1 suicidal gunman = 28 dead.  Not the type of math you want your children to learn first-hand.

“Evil has visited this community today,” Gov. Daniel Malloy said, while reports surfaced about the 20-year-old gunman possibly suffering from a personality disorder.

Gee, ya think???

However, we must ask:  does the sickness in someone’s brain cause them to do the unthinkable?  Or is it evil?

For those of us with adopted children who have suffered neglect, abuse, and possible fetal alcohol effects, we Depressed-understand that some have little impulse control through no real fault of their own.  In the case of those with autism, they might have communication or frustration triggers that lead to extreme violence.  But what does this mean for society around them?  Should they grow up to be killers or abusers or thieves, what responsibility does the family have?

No matter what the mental disabilities, we can teach children right from wrong.  Although it doesn’t seem to be in fashion these days to say it, evil exists and it must be fought.  Constant repetition and routine does seem to work even with those with mental challenges.  Keeping them away from high-stress situations, and using proper medications can also help keep things on an even keel.

yelling-parents-hurt-kidsIn our family, we model day in and day out, what is right and what is wrong.  We discuss it, such as when the children went out the other day to purchase holiday gifts for different family members and I reminded them that if, by any chance, an item found its way into anyone’s pocket without paying for it, the police would be called.

Did I think this would be a problem?  No.

Did I want to repeat and reinforce our values at a time when all four children might not be monitored 110%?  Yes.

Since we currently know very little of the Connecticut killer and his motives, I consider the case of David Berkowitz, david_berkowitzthe Son of Sam killer from the 1970s.  He was pure evil, staging shootings resulting in six killings and seven woundings throughout New York City.  Berkowitz came from an adoptive family, and although he had served with the U.S. Army and received an honorable discharge, his discovery of his adoption and details surrounding his birth damaged his sense of identity.  He became involved in a Satanic cult and began the murders.

Now in prison serving six consecutive life sentences, he became a born-again Christian in 1987 while there.  On repeated occasions, Berkowitz rejected any offers to meet to discuss possible parole, stating that he believes he should be in prison the rest of his life.  He spends his free time counseling other prisoners and is said to be a model citizen.

A disturbed mind?  Definitely.  A person motivated by evil?  Definitely.

Can these situations be reversed so that tragedy need not occur?  I believe so, but it would require extreme care and intervention and monitoring, the likes of which neither man might have been receiving in the first place.


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  1. avatar my_own_clan says:

    Yes. We have lately arrived home with our youngest child (#5 for us), birthed in Russia. She is two years old, and from what little we know of her medicals know that she will be somewhere on the FA spectrum. As we have jumped into parenting her, I have discussed with my husband the things that I see, already, changing in her heart. As she has learned that Momma and Daddy are (for the most part) unmovable and committed to enforcing the rules of our home, she has, in a very short time, begun to obey.

    I think that the notion of “sin” issues have been mostly eradicated from our culture; preference and tolerance have cropped up in place of responsibility… Ours is a world that has lost the concept of restoration, so many never knowing what they can be restored to. Brokenness abounds, and we cannot teach what we do not know.

    Our youngest, however, with the Lord’s help, will be trained according to her “bent”, according to righteousness, and as it is our hope as parents (for all our children) that, according to His lovingkindness, as they grow they will not depart from it.

    As an aside, I’ve been reading your blog for a good long while now, and oft thought of commenting, but… thanks for your thoughts, Alexandra. I appreciate you.

    • avatar admin says:

      Thank you, My Own Clan, so good to hear from you! There is the fine line with FAS children/adults, isn’t there? (or any mentally/emotionally challenged individual) Is it that they can’t, or won’t? It’s hard to imagine that one would be expected to obey the law if they are “incapable”. We can only pray for healing, and train in the right path, and monitor as much as possible. The rest is in the hands of the Lord, and thankfully, His hands are big enough.

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