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When Hysterectomies Kill

Low angle view of medical team in the operating theater performing surgeryI never knew this. After researching hysterectomies because of a friend going through some major health challenges, I came across the amazing 2014 story of Dr. Amy Reed from Boston. A physician herself and the wife of a surgeon, the couple came to the conclusion that her hysterectomy via morcellation was responsible for rapidly spreading a cancer that she did not know she had.

Reed suffered from fibroids, benign growths on the uterus and the high-tech morcellation procedure, employed in about 11% of all American hysterectomies, would “pulverize” the uterus and any growths, removing them through an incision in the belly button. This cut the recovery time from over a month to under a week. However, the very procedure that should surgeonshave saved her, most likely helped to kill her.

Reed’s preoperative tests did not reveal the uterine leiomyosarcoma in her body. Through morcellation the cancerous cells spread to other areas. At the time she had six children under the age of 13, in addition to her medical practice.

Now the children are motherless. It happened to a doctor who was able to connect the dots. Through her efforts, we can see that the procedure may not always be the best choice.  Thank you for speaking out, Dr. Reed.

Let’s ensure that this not happen to other women.


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